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We create voice technology strategies by developing and building quality conversational experiences for your business.
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Voice technology is the future

Statistics show that this year more than 50% of all searches are voice-led. Virtual assistants such as Google assistants, amazon echo, Microsoft Crotona and others are getting better each year. Giant tech companies are working hard on improving their virtual voice assistants.

It is evident that voice technology is on the rise. Due it is different uses, people are utilising digital voice assistant to perform tasks daily. Whether you want to consult the weather, set a reminder, or schedule an appointment, you can smoothly perform those tasks without even touching anything! Moreover, voice assistant devices found to be useful in digital marketing.

As mention before, digital assistants found to be useful when it comes to marketing. Companies like Dominos, Nestlé and Johnnie Walker have already worked on integrating voice technology in their business strategy to connect with their customers.

How can voice tech help you?

Depending on your business and needs, some of the voice technology and voice assistant solutions that our agency can provide includes:

● Work alongside our SEO team to create campaigns focused on local SEO to appeal to customers using “near me” terms with their searches.

● Develop omnichannel voice experiences for current content.

● Strategically plan to transition into a voice society over the coming years.

It’s on the rise. If you’re interested in further exploring what voice technology and voice assistants can offer your business, you know what to do.

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