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Terms of Service

On this page, you can get detailed information on payment methods and the conditions under which you can use the services of Yourlaks Agency.
Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

◉ The terms and conditions of cooperation between Yourlaks Agency and the users of our services, website visitors and others who want to access or use the services are defined hereinafter.

◉ Please kindly read these terms of service carefully:

◎ (“Terms”, “Terms of services”, “Terms of Use”) before using the website (“service”, “our website”) which Yourlaks Agency (“we”, “us” or “ours”) manage.

2. Use of services and access to the site

◉ By accepting and using the website, or using any service that we offer, you are agreeing on complying with and accepting the terms of service which are described below. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions of use, please refrain from using our company’s website or our services.

3. General conditions

◉ These terms of service are an integral part of Yourlaks Agency and as such, they represent a contract between Yourlaks Agency and users of our services, website visitors, and everyone who would want to start using our services. This contract defines the rights and obligations relating to the use of our company’s website and our services.

4. Acceptance of the offer

◉ Before starting the project and doing any kind of work on your behalf, we need your approval to proceed as a confirmation that you agree that the project can start. Payment of your deposit (advance payment) will be considered as your confirmation to continue if the funds are needed at this stage. If not, such approval must be given in a written form – via e-mail or a message – no project will start until we get the approval.

5. Guarantee and ownership

◉ Every website that is created by us for a specific client comes with a 30 days guarantee. After this period, and because the client had, by that time, complete access to the website’s content, we cannot take responsibility if the website is hacked, down, or dysfunctional since we gave up the complete control over the way the website is used to its owner.

◉ The software which provide the use of the website, and which is associated with the website, such as WordPress or WordPress plug-ins, becomes your property. And it is your responsibility to make sure that such software is updated in a timely manner in order for the software to work properly. In the same sense, we offer website maintenance packages that cover the software updates, which is an additional buyable package.

◉ Ownership of the project, code, and design belongs to the client, who is also responsible for all the information that is on the website.

◉ Yourlaks Agency reserve the right to the signature at the bottom of our client’s website as a contractor and author.

6. Payment and deposit

◉ Before any work takes place, it is obligatory that our client to pay in advance, which is a measure we take to preserve our agency’s human and technical resources. The advanced payment is computed by 50% of the overall project cost. Advanced payment could vary from one project to another, depending on the size and the type of the project. We will use our legal right to claim interest under commercial law if the client has not fully paid the debtor or if they have not committed to the payment deadline.

◉ By purchasing one of our products or services, you agree to pay Yourlaks Agency the one-time and/or monthly or annual subscription fees indicated (additional payment terms may be included in other communications). Subscription payments will be charged on a pre-pay basis on the day you sign up for an Upgrade and will cover the use of that service for a monthly or annual subscription period as indicated. Payments are not refundable.

◉ All amounts (funds) paid to Yourlaks Agency are non-refundable because they serve as a security measure to reserve our agency’s human and technical resources, and they are considered as a guarantee for the work to begin upon the project. If the paid amount is larger than what is owed by the pro forma invoice, the rest will remain in your account as a credit, which can be used for any service we offer.

◉ The advanced payment (deposit) will be taken as your intention to continue your cooperation with us until the completion of the project for which we are engaged, and it obliges you to make a full payment once the project is completed.

7. Confidential information

◉ Yourlaks Agency does not want to receive confidential information through our website, and to classify information as confidential it is necessary to sign a confidentiality agreement where everything would be clearly defined. Yourlaks Agency will provide full support for everyone who is keen to protect their personal rights, the right to privacy, property, and intellectual property.

8. Use of our site and disclaimer of liability

◉ There is no charge to access the site unless there is your obligation to pay the price of a communication connection (Internet) which you use to visit the site. You access the website at your own responsibility. Our services are intended exclusively for adults. Your access to the website can be disabled, limited or terminated at any time if we notice any kind of abuse of the website coming from your side. We cannot guarantee that the page will be displayed without errors and that the data-centre will always ensure the availability of it. Content on the website can be changed without prior notice.

◉ Yourlaks Agency will not be responsible, in any way, for any inaccuracy or error in relation to information and materials which were found and published. Unauthorized use of the website, security breaches, or misuse of data access which lead to damage on the website, will be treated as a criminal offence which is punishable under the applicable criminal law.

9. Copyright and intellectual property

◉ Copying and misuse of information on our website, as well as materials from the site, is not allowed. You cannot reproduce, distribute or download information from the website, including, but not limited to text, graphics, video, code and/or software without our prior written authorization. If there is a button to share the content from our website, it is possible to share the content only in that manner.

10. Change of terms and contact

◉ Yourlaks Agency can change the terms of service at any time, without prior notice. For any questions or concerns, please contact us at contact page


Last updated on February 05, 2020.