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Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services will improve your website ranking in the result pages of different search engines so you can increase your website’s traffic and sales.
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SEO Services | Yourlaks

“ SEO is a marathon, not a sprint ”

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What is SEO?

Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, is an integral part of digital marketing strategies that accounts for several modifications of your website content. SEO improvements aim to enhance your website visibility on free search engines such as Google, as well as boost your website rank in the search engine results of a specific keyword or keyphrase.
Search engines are considered a primary source of traffic to any business website. With this rapid increase of internet users, billions of searches are conducted every day through search engines. For instance, Google alone reported that they handle 5.6 billion searches a day. It is needless to say that a substantial part of them come from users looking for a particular product or service. Yourlaks digital agency offers a range of SEO services including:

Local SEO

As a digital marketing agency, we understand the importance of local SEO. We work with the most effective local SEO strategies to increase your brand awareness and help your local business reach nearby potential customers who use local search to buy products and services.

On-page SEO

To earn the trust of search engines and to rank higher, we work on optimizing each of your website pages individually. On-page SEO includes improving both the code and the page content, so all are readily understood by search engines and relevant to the researcher’s query.

Off-Page SEO

To rank your website first on search engines’ results, Yourlaks marketing agency offer off-page search engine optimization services using legitimate methods and strategies such as building quality links, empowering your presence on social media platforms, and guest blogging.

SEO Features

Our SEO services are distinguished for providing you with coherent digital marketing strategies that meet your business needs.

Website Analysis

We examine your website visibility on search results and refine its content and code.

Competitor Analysis

We research your major competitors products and identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Keyword Research

We find focus keywords to your business with the highest searches & the least competition.

Errors Fixing

We fix your website errors like navigation path errors, duplicated content, coding errors, etc.

SEO Content

We improve the placement and the density of your keyword and we also refine your content .

Speed Optimisation

We make your website load faster to provide its users with a satisfying experience.

How can we help you with the SEO for your website?

In this very competitive market, making a qualitative evaluation of your website SEO has become a dire must. A proper SEO inspection of your website requires a profound understanding of how search engines algorithms work, as well as a firm grasp of optimization tools such as Google Analytics and others.
Yourlaks full-service digital agency provides a free consulting service by experts and highly qualified SEO specialists in the field of digital marketing who have accumulated years of experience working with search engine algorithms and mastering their optimization tools.

“ Effective SEO brings in high-quality leads ”

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